Celebrating Dalit History Month with School Going Children

A two days workshop have been conducted with school going children in Manuski on 10th and 11th May 2018 as to celebrate Dalit History Month. The number of Participants: 59 children and 11 Parents.

The objective of the activity: To develop awareness among the school going children about the Dalit struggles in past and the present caste discrimination and the uprising through the struggles of Dr BR Ambedkar.

Important topics covered

Dalit History Awareness /understanding caste system

 Improve their knowledge

 Development of the creative qualities

 Stage daring and communication development

 Confidence building

 Importance of Education

The activities done are as follows


 Group games to introduce themselves

 Keeping away from bad habit (intoxication )

 The problems and communication gap between parents and children.

 Importance of Education

 Stories of Lord Buddha and his teachings

 Mediation Practice

 Memory development activity

 Storytelling (Dalit Success Stories)

 Key tools to set goals in life

 Group and individual activity: Drawing competition and Prize distribution.

 Singing/Poetry/Dance/Story Telling /Drama/Playing Music etc