Manuski visits NTI Alumni in Uttar Pradesh

Manjula Pradeep from Manuski had visited alumni in Uttar Pradesh of Nagarjuna Institute on 9th March 2018. The programs are listed below.

  • International women’s day celebration: A small but significant celebration was organized by NTI youth at Badepur village in Chhibramau district of Uttar Pradesh, where Manjula Pradeep addressed around 200 women and men sharing about the importance of this day and the current challenges and issues affecting women’s rights in India. It was the first ever conference on this theme in this area.
  • Field was organized with few NTI alumni in Katra Kasganj village of Badaun district in Uttar Pradesh on 9th Four years back two minor girls from Shakya- OBC community were found dead and their bodies were hanging on a Mango tree in the village. We met the family members to know current status of the case. It was shocking to know that the CBI had filed a closure report in this case, which was challenged by the father of one of the deceased who is also the complainant in the case. Trial of the case is going on in the Sessions Court of Badaun. A memorial is been planned to set up at the place of incident.
  • Manjula Pradeep also had a meeting with some of the NTI alumni based in Chhibramau district in Uttar Pradesh, who have planned to set up an NGO in Uttar Pradesh focusing on raising issues of injustice, building leadership amongst marginalized youth.