One Day NGO Meet



A meeting was held at Manuski centre on 27th of March 2018 led and organized by Manjula Pradeep.

The purpose of meeting was to understand the work of these grassroots level organizations, understand their needs and also how can a network be built among these organizations and how Manuski can provide support.

15 grassroots level organizations were invited for the same and 14 men and women from seven organizations (working in different fields) participated in the meet.

The decisions taken during the meet are

  1. Community Level Leadership Training Program for 45 days by Kranti Jyoti will be run in Pimpri Chinchawad for training a batch which will be organized by Ramai Mahila Manch and Manikratna organization. The training will start from the 1st of May 2018. The minimum age limit of the women will be 18 years. It will be a batch of 30 women. Manjula Pradeep will be giving the financial support to the trainer. The same training will be replicated in Yerwada and Alandi areas later.
  2. Manuski will organize training for the grassroots level organizations on the themes, Youth Leadership, Women Empowerment, NGO support and building Network.
  3. Nalanda Buddha Vihar will work to bring more people from their community to attend Thursday classes at Manuski and will replicate the same in their Vihar.
  4. The next Meeting will be held again at Manuski on 5th of May 2018.
  5. A whatasp group was formed to pass information quickly and better communication by the participants.

The participant organizations were

  1. Kranti Jyothi
  2. Manikratna
  3. Samta Seva Bhavi
  4. Ramai Mahila Manch
  5. Mukta Trust
  6. Nalanda Buddha Vihar
  7. BARTI