Ending Manual Scavenging

Manual scavenging is a blot on humanity, with Dalits specifically being forced to carry human excreta, often with their bare hands and without adequate safety equipment. Manual scavenging is rampant across the country.

Manuski has worked in the following capacities

  • Collected evidence of this all over Maharashtra.
  • Worked with young activists from the manual scavenging community, and trains them to fight for their dignity.
  • Arranged a national conference on this topic and passed the ‘Nagpur declaration’ in 2011
  • Conducted training in the ‘Prevention of Manual Scavenging and Dry Latrine Act, 2003’

Nisha Parche

Nisha belongs to the so-called “Bhangi”(Manual scavenger) community. Her family has suffered a lot of discrimination. Though highly qualified, her father was forced into manual scavenging. Now, Nisha heads the “Manav Mukti Sangram”(In search of Dignity and Justice) project for uplifting the dignity of the scavenging community. She has been working closely with Manuski for several years and regularly participates in the Manuski activities.